In the event of you were injured or suffered property damage in a car accident, you may wonder on the help offered by Grand Junction car accident law firm. You may also be skeptical about dealing with the insurance company on your own and settling the claim without the intervention of a car accident attorney.

You should rest assured that a lot depends on the specifics along with the overall complexity of the car accident case. However, the lawyer could prove helpful in the following matters.

  • Communication with the insurer of the other driver
  • Obtaining the essential evidence apropos the liability
  • Organizing your medical bills and records
  • Negotiating a satisfactory settlement with the defense attorney or insurance adjuster
  • Communicating with health care providers for acquiring missing records
  • Organizing and presenting the evidence for proving the damages and liability
  • Negotiating with lien holders on your claim for potentially reducing the lien amounts
  • Working with the doctors to ensure they provide the medical information requisite for proving damages in the compensation claim.

When you could handle car accident compensation claim on your own?

A majority of people would not feel the need for car accident lawyers, especially for small cases. In the event of you being comfortable gathering the documentation and evidence on your own along with negotiating the settlement with the insurance lawyer, then it would be in your best interest to go forth as planned individually. You would be able to save at least 1/3rd of the contingency fee that a majority of personal injury lawyers have been charging to handle your accident matter.

Who would determine the case is big or small?

The question to ponder upon would be how to perceive an accident case to be small or big. Who would be the right person to demarcate the difference between the two? How would you know that it is a small case and could be handled on your own and on the other hand, the big case would need the assistance of an attorney?

The rule of thumb would be your medical bills going past 3,000 USD or if you were out of work for at least a week, you should look for an attorney. Only an attorney would be able to handle the accident case, the witnesses, and the insurance lawyer in the best manner possible. The car accident attorney would have the requisite knowledge and experience to help you achieve the compensation claim.