The US O1 Visa is simply a work permit issued temporarily to eminent people from various fields of science, business, arts, sports, academics etc. This Visa was first brought into effect in the year 1990 but permission to grant special status for people with exceptional skills has been there for a much longer time in the USA. It was initially a very slow process but now with the introduction of the O1 Visa, the whole process involved in getting eminent people to work in the USA almost permanently, has become quite fast. People applying can also take the help of the O1 Visa Lawyer to ensure the application process becomes quite smooth.

There are two very important privileges attached to the granting of this Visa. They are:

  • No fixed time limit of stay 

The O1 Visa is initially valid for only 3 years but unlimited extensions can be availed of if the Visa holder sticks with the employer sponsoring him. Thus, once granted, a Visa holder can work and stay freely in the US provided he does not change his place of employment. He can, however, opt for part-time academic or professional courses during his stay in the USA.

  • Family Visa 

All O1 Visa holders are able to travel freely in and out of the US along with their immediate family as the immediate family members, who include the spouse and children below the age of 21, get an O3 Visa. This Visa allows them to stay in the USA but does not give them permission to work. The children are also allowed to get admitted and study in any school in the USA.

The fact that this Visa can be extended indefinitely is probably its biggest advantage. It is truly a way of the US Government to give eminent people in different field’s ample opportunity to work and stay in the US and enjoy all its facilities.