Child support has been the predetermined amount of money paid to the spouse having primary custody of the child. The amount has been set up by the custody agreement and as decided by the law. Child support has been deemed essential for the overall benefit of the child. It would mostly pay for the basic necessities inclusive of the following:

  • Educational expenses
  • Housing, clothing, and food
  • Medical care and health insurance

Child support should not be used for the benefit of either parent; rather it should benefit the child or the children directly. They should get adequate support from the amount. Moreover, child support has been intended for providing basic necessities to the child and not luxuries or for that matter, items that the child does not essentially need for his or her upbringing.

Finding a child support lawyer

You should rest assured that child support law could be complicated. The process to determine child support could entail several steps. You would require the services of a child support lawyer with any aspect of child support involved. The attorney would be able to provide you with adequate guidance and representation required to handle and resolve the issue.

How to determine the amount for child support?

Courts would usually need every parent to complete a financial statement prior to making a decision on child support. The financial statement would require the parent to include his or her monthly income along with the expenses.

Based on the information gathered about the finances along with the amount of time spent by both the parents with the child, the court would use a standard formula for determining the amount for child support.

The court would review various aspects when calculating the monthly amount for child support. It would be inclusive of:

  • The gender, age, and overall background of the child
  • Special academic needs of the child
  • Educational background and income level of both the parents
  • Special medical or physical needs of the child
  • History of the parent pertaining to previous payments of child support
  • Number of children entailed in custody arrangement
  • Several other aspects as deemed relevant by the court

Child support determinations entail a complicated process. It would take into consideration several aspects pertaining to the child. All determinations have been made keeping in mind the best interest of the child. It should have standards that could vary largely from one state to another.